Eidfjord, Norway- Best family holiday Ever

Choose a Multi Activity Holiday if you travel with teen agers! This year my sister and I picked the family holiday – sports, nature and lots of exiting experiences are to be found in Eidfjord, Norway

Eidfjord is a scenic place located in the surrounding of Hardangervidda National Park which is the largest national park in Norway and also ranks among most extensive highland plateaus in the whole Europe.

This terrific spot includes possibilities for white water activities, glacier expeditions, hiking, climbing and many more.

FlatEarth seemed to be a perfect matter of choice for our active family holidays. It took us a while to find the right place for us but definitely worth it. I and my family got fed up with “typical” holidays, just lying on the beach, getting sunburn. It is ok for 2 days, you know topsJ . And then we discovered on the internet FlatEarth in the middle of nowhere in Ovre Eidfjord. This is small company run by devoted owners who know every inch of this place, by the way speaking many foreign languages, which was pretty impressing.

Multi Activity Holidays is a special product of FlatEarth including package of glacier expedition, white water kayaking, and sea kayaking, climbing and abseiling and canoe rental. We had an exclusive opportunity to try all these activities during one stay and still had enough energy to explore the surroundings, make trips according to the recommendations of FlatEarth staff.

Even if it was quite challenging and exhausting, we all were relaxed. Every day we tried different sport and saw Eidfjord from different perspective. Amazing was a trip to glacier in the middle of the summer. And the fresh air not polluted by vehicles was priceless.  My parents enjoyed it as well and my younger sister aged 14 just loved climbing. Best thing about it was, that all of the activities are for complete beginners and all equipment with instructors is included, all you need is a good mood J

I would definitely recommend Multi Activity Holidays by FlatEarth to anyone interested in little excitement, adrenalin and escape from busy and noisy life-style.