Unconvential honeymoon in Norway

My husband and I got ourselves attracted by the beauty of Norway and spent our honeymoon 2014 by walking on a glacier, kayaking on white water and climbing. If you want to celebrate yourselves – do it in Hardanger, where everything seems to be prettier than anywhere else ! Perfect for Honeymooners

We are both too active to spend all day doing nothing, lying on the beach, so it was unanimous agreement to undertake something challenging. So we discovered by intensive search, Multi Activity Holidays by FlatEarth in Ovre Eidfjord. It is a package of various outdoor activities conducted with a guide / instructor and FlatEarth Adventures provides the equipment (so you don’t have to go and by your own paddle, harness or ice axe). All activities take place in breath taking nature of Norway. We flew from New York to Oslo, from Oslo Airport we rented a car and drove to Eidfjord. The drive is approximately 5,5 h. but we made a LOT of photo stops!

Eidfjord can be found in Hardangervidda National Park which belongs to the largest national parks in Europe. Eidfjord takes advantage of its unique position by offering glaciers, fjords, mountains, wild rivers and calm lakes to its curious and eager visitors. Eidfjord is to be reached by taking train from Bergen or Oslo and afterwards bus from Geilo taking you directly to this place. Journey was pleasant as I could not have enough of observing the passing-by landscape.

We were accommodated in Eidfjord Gjestgiveri knwon for its traditional recipe of pancakes (which are delightful by the way). It was situated about 1 minute from FlatEarth Adventures so we did not have to use any other way of transport.

We’ve been taken care of, I must admit, in all possible waysJ FlatEarth provided us a complete service not only by all booked activities but also by its indivual approach, trying to adjust the schedule to our requirements and circumstances. The staff was very helpful and kind, interested in us as humans and not just as “subject of future gains”, which was nice change after some unpleasant experiences elsewhere in the past. We were treated as friends, as part of the company. That was why we extended our stay for few more days and spent them hiking on the Hardangervidda, enjoying  the routes recommended by the FlatEarth guides.

I have to say that it was perfect way of celebrating our love, the commitment. The rush of adrenalin, excitement of discovering unknown areas, was the perfect beginning of our marriage. FlatEarth, thank you so much‼‼

Alice & John – New York – USA